Apex Energy Service in Pittsburgh, PA – Work Order Application and Website Design

ASP has worked created a tablet work order and designed a new website for APEX Energy Service in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. The work order collects information required to track and invoice the work orders. Once completed, the screen displays in invoice like screen with a signature section allowing the customer to sign off using their finger. The tablet user can add and submit each work order in the field even if there is no Wi-Fi available. Once the tablet detects an internet connection, the work order on the tablet syncs with the web-based application. ASP utilized their tablet distribution system to setup the app on the tablets and restrict the use of the applications on the tablet. The Admin Web-based Application provides a method for the admin user to add users, companies and other information to the application. The accounting user uses the admin application to download the work orders for invoicing. Managers can view all work orders from the web application.

APEX provides services for the mining industry in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. The website displays about us information, their services, job opportunities and safety information about the company.

Energy Website Design Pittsburgh PA Application development

West Virginia Independent Oil & Gas – Association Membership Database and Website Development

ASP works with WV Independent Oil & Gas Association to update their membership management database, create mailing and email lists for campaigns, and design, develop and maintain their association website. The website has new membership applications with conditional logic to calculate dues depending on the type of membership and oil production revenue and the ability to pay dues online.

There is advanced event registration feature for their annual conference and smaller seminars. The registration process allows for users to select from multiple sessions (with or without additional fees), lunch choices, evening outing (with or without additional fees) and add a guest for the outing. Meeting sponsor’s logos rotate on the home page as an added benefit for their sponsorship. The website displays membership information, legislation and other news, and education.

Natural Resources Website Design Association Website Charleston WV

Phillips Machine in Beckley, West Virginia – E-Commerce Website Development

Phillips Machine’s website is integrated with internal applications to automatically display catalogs and other information. The website displays the manufactured products they build and the used equipment they have for sale. The home page has an interactive feature – a mine cart slides from the left over a technical drawing grid to bring the visitor’s attention to that section.

The website utilizes a catalog of used equipment for sale with a text search and a facet search along the right margin used to quickly filter the list by manufacturer, equipment type, location and special. Each item is displayed in the list and has an option to be a featured item to be listed first. There is a detail page for each item to display multiple images and more details.

E-Commerce Website Design Charleston WV

Energy Services of America in West Virginia – Website Integration Development

Energy Services of America (ESA) shareholders can easily view the SEC filings for the company right on the website.  ASP integrated the website with the government website EDGAR to automatically display the quarterly filings.  The informational, corporate website displays the directors, committee, management team and stockholder information.

Energy Website Design Website Integration West Virginia

Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Ga  – Website Design and Website Development

Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association’s website (PIOGA) has a career center as a benefit for their members. The career center allows the members to post available positions and review securely posted applications with their password. Members will find the career center, events, news and contact information. The visitor can view the positions and post resumes for the members to review.

The website contains educational and join us information for visitors wanting to know more about the Oil & Gas Industry. The current commodity prices are integrated with the stock pricing website to automatically display the latest pricing information.

Oil and Gas Website Design Website Development Pennsylvania

Nitro Construction Services in Nitro, WV – Website Design

Nitro Construction Services is ever expanding the services they offer to their clients. The interactive feature on the home page changes the black and white images to color images when moused over. This interaction keeps the visitor engaged while they learn about the other services available to them. The website displays their services, projects and markets they service. There is information about their safety and project process.

Construction Website design Nitro West Virginia

CJ Hughes in West Virginia – Website Design

CJ Hughes is an underground pipeline and construction contractor in West Virginia. The informational website displays safety, quality, production, rental and sales information. ASP used the existing brochures and marketing campaign to design the website for a seamless company-wide look and feel.

construction website design Nitro WV

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