ASP specializes in large University Websites 

  • Interactive features to keep visitors engaged
  • All events in 1 calendar with card style filters
  • Easy to use CMS allows more staff to update the website
  • Workflow to control ADA compliance and marketing efforts
  • Interactive Google Map overlay
  • Reorganizing and restructuring 
Our easy-to-use editor allows more of your staff to be able to keep the website updated with the latest information.  Users, groups and permissions only allow them to change the pages they have permission to change. 
With the recent state-wide university website ADA Compliance Audits, we have implemented workflow processes that allow your marketing users to approve new pages and content changes before they are published.  They not only spot check to ensure the new content is ADA compliant, they ensure the new content meets the marketing initiatives of the University.  We build your website to be ADA compliant and train your website staff on content compliance to keep it in compliance.
A mobile friendly and easy to use menu that allows you to easily navigate the website.  The background fades and the menu allows you to click on the plus signs and look at the navigation without disappearing on you when you try to click on it. 
We have many web solutions to fit your growing needs.  Give us a call to see what we can do for your University. 

We build interactive Google maps of your campus with color overlays to identify your facilities.  Concord’s new website goes live at the end of this month but here is a sneak peek at the interactive Google Calendar with color overlays.  You can select or deselect items in the list and zoom in for more detail. 



We create engaging interactive features focusing on keeping new visitors interested in learning a Featured Stories section that rotates between student, alumni and faculty profiles. 

Have all campus events in one interactive calendar.  The events can be displayed in card style view and can be filtered by categories.